From Diane Setterfield's The Thirteenth Tale

People disappear when they die. Their voices, their laughter, the warmth of their breath. Their flesh. Eventually their bones. All living mempry of them ceases. This is both dreadful and natural. Yet for some there is an exception to this annihilation. For in the books they write they continut to exist. We can rediscover them. Their humour, their tone of voice, their moods. Through the written word they can anger you or make you happy. They can comfort you. They can perplex you. They can alter you. All this, even though they are dead. Like flies in amber, like corpses frozen in ice, that which according to the laws of nature should pass away is, by the miracle of ink on paper, preserved. It is a kind of magic.

--Diane Setterfield

Thursday, December 18, 2008

I won an award at work for being the Team Oriented Preformer... and family is coming into town this weekend. I'll post about it someday.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

At the races... c'omon Dover!... c'omon Dover!!!

We went to the races for dollar days. Entry was a dollar, food was a dollar, hot chocolate was a dollar and even though we did not utilize them, beer and betting books were a dollar.

But the best part were the boots! Everywhere! The demographics of the crowd were like this: Mexicans were short and in matching boots and belts (some had matching hats) and were very serious about their bets. All other person's were drunk and loud. Unless they had kids with them, there was a large group of those people. The building was a smoking facility and it was stinky!

We found a friend among all the weirdness. There was another couple pregnant with their first baby. She didn't drink either, and we watched the races and wrinkled our noses at the stinky building and chatted. It was a very fun time.

Pictures at 35 weeks

Saturday, December 6, 2008


I created these little "Thank-You" pots for the girls who threw me a shower. I have to say I felt like a genius for coming up with it and getting it done, on time. Plus now my windowsill is cleared of all these plant cuttings. I have more cuttings than pots, but now it's manageable. And they look pretty cute if I say so myself.

I had a great shower. I got some great gifts and got some sage advice and yummy food and had a really fun time. I'll have to get the pictures from Angela sometime so I can share them.
Check out Jaedyn's blog for pictures from baby showers :)

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Happy Birthday to ME

My mom got me an awesome birthday and Christmas gift. A Dyson Vaccum!

She was not able to drive up, but she wired me the money and Scott and I bought the vacuum here. I was so excited because my birthday was on Black Friday this year. I looked up all the shops I could think of to see if they would have a big sale on the one we wanted. Sears was the only place that showed the DC25animal AND said they had it in stock at the mall.
We got up early, well early-ish, and drove out to Southlake to check Sharper Image. I had forgotten to check their website.

They were closed, are closed. They even had a 'for rent' sign in the window. So no sale there. While we were in Southlake we checked out Home Depot and Lowes. Both stores were not as busy as I thought they would be. They also both had Dyson's, but not the DC25 animal. So we went across the street to Kohl's. They were packed! The line wraped through the store half way around the back. It was difficult to even GET to the vacuums. Once again they only had 'other' Dysons.

We left Southlake and stopped by the Sear's Outlet, but they only had big appliances. Finally we went to the mall and found the DC25 animal right away. They even had a floor sample that I tried out for about 2 seconds before telling the sales man "I'm sold". Even though the store was crowded there was a register right next to the vacuums and we didn't even have to wait. Our sales guy rung us up and the vacuum was on sale so I had enough money in hand for it. Then I got another suprise.

Because we bought a Dyson, I also got a $50 gift card! Woo hoo!

When we got home, the missionaries were waiting at our place to say hi. We had a nice chat and when they left Scott got to work gettting the vacuum set up.

Then I started. The floor was disgusting, but hard to capture in a picture. However you can see the before and after on the couch.

And you can see after just vacumming the nursery, how much cat hair there is to clean up from our kitties.And you can see how well my new toy worked. We practically filled the trash can.

Thanks mom, this was a great gift!

Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanks Aunt Joyce!

My lovely Aunt Joyce sent me these adorable Beatrix Potter plates. Lucky for me I have just the place for them, on the wall with the clock. I plan to put the changing table in this corner, and the plates will be so cute above it.

Baby gifts - a thank you to our friends -

In my little sewing area:a beautiful dress from Devanie.
Gorgeous! Thanks, Dev!!

new couches!

Our good friends the Cases gave us these couches. I am so excited to have leather, overstuffed, couches. Right in time for a baby.

Never mind the messy sitting room... it's been cleaned up since then. Kinda. :P

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Still going good...

Today was a pretty good day. I was so busy that I didn't take a lunch, but an office mate, Scott, provided pizza. I was still fed, I just worked through my lunch hour.

It was really nice, I prefer to be busy doing things. And i got most everything done that was on my little list.

However, *snicker* I do have a funny story from today.

My boss called me into his office to help with a "tedious" project. He gets an audit report each month. The report is an audit of what changes are made in one of the programs we use as a company. It shows who made what change. Each month he has to sign off and date each page of the report. This month's report was between 582 and 600 pages. Jeff had me go through the pages and put a sticky note on every page that someone else had already gone through and marked as having been processed by someone at corporate. He was funny to sit there for over an hour and listen to. He grumbled that this whole procedure is such a waste of time and company resources etc. Why should he sign off on someone else's work? He has no way to verify that they made correct corrections, etc. This is such a waste of time. On and on and on. I chimed in after I had to get a third package of sticky notes. 51.2% of the pages were done by corporate. I know we counted.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

This weekend has been pretty good...

This week several people have said that I look bigger, so it didn't surprise me to learn that I had gained about 6 lbs in two weeks. That's a big jump from gaining 2 lbs every 3 weeks... and now I know where those stretch marks are coming from. :) ( I only have a few on the very bottom of my belly) Someone also said my hair looks darker, she asked if I dyed it... huh.

We had a Dr. appointment and after waiting and waiting for an appearance, Dr. Maxey came in singing about how he was leaving later for Disney World. I told him I know someone who works there, someone who currently has long red hair. We discussed the possibility of Rachel (soon to be Rachel Snyder, congrats!!) being Ariel and I said I'd have Ariel say hi to his little girl, Kennedy. Oh, shoot I should probably do that! BRB!

Okay, I've sent an e-mail... Hope that helps... :/

So we were talking and all the while he had the heart monitor on Jaedyn. She is doing well. We go back in two weeks and do a sonogram to see how big she is and how much fluid she has...
Scott was asking about inducing early and Dr. Maxey didn't think it was a good idea, but he said if there was a medical reason why we should he'd feel better about it.

The deal is that our insurance will change from really good, with almost no co-pay and no deductible to 90/10 at the first of the year. I think that is a really stupid reason to induce, just to not pay hundreds or thousands of dollars in hospital bills. But with our budget the way it is... it would be nice if SHE happened to WANT to come before the first of the year. So we brought it up just so we are informed and have all our options laid out before us.
I'm healthy, she's healthy. Why risk NICU time? We'd probably end up paying just as much for NICU as for a regular healthy birth. Ah the dilemmas of our time!

Thursday I found out my Mom's dad is / has gone into surgery for a triple bypass. It is pretty bad. One valve is 99% blocked! A sister in our ward had a baby that was not doing so well, and my little cousin-once-removed was also born with several complications. My sister has also been battling a stomach bug for months. Sunday we had a great lesson from our Home Teachers on Prayer and we decided to focus our prayers on others. It sure seems like there are a lot of people out there that need our prayers. Much more than I need prayers focused on me.

I had a performance evaluation at work on Friday. I totally stressed out about it because the last eval. I had, my boss had me in tears, and it was a really bad experience. I bawled about it Thursday night. Friday I almost had a wad of tissues in hand as I walked into Jeff's office. But I forgot them on the way out the door that morning and so had to face my evaluation empty handed. Yikes! And I was late!
Getting up in the mornings is hard, really hard; and I usually don't make it into the office on time. But Friday I got there with time to spare, and as I was in charge of a birthday celebration set up, I was working on that when Jeff sought me out and asked if we had a meeting scheduled. Whoops! Things were NOT looking good and I'm sure I looked pretty scared. We went to his office and I promptly apologized for losing track of time and he said something to the effect of, 'Hey, that's NOT a big deal. You see how often I'M late to things.'
The rest of the eval. was a breeze! He is very happy with the work I do and the opportunities for improvement he noted (as Scott so cleverly saw) were not so much things for me to work on my work performance. They were ways I could facilitate others getting their work done. So. Could I help him put together a task chart for all the managers? Could I help him manage the unexpected 'emergency' items that come up? Can I get there on time for our Wednesday morning meetings? He likes the notes I take and feels bad when he forgets to wait for me. Really it's not hard stuff and I was able to say 'Sure, have you used this application in our e-mail system that is a task tracker? No?, well I have full access your calendar and I can input the tasks for you and you can mark them off when they are complete.' He seemed really grateful. I was on such a high as I left the office. No tears and my only bitter thought was, 'Dude, Jeff, can you go down and teach our HR manager how to do these performance evaluations? 'Cauz, seriously, yours was infinitely better than hers.' I have really, honestly, been blessed with a multitude of the best bosses ever! I think back on the different jobs I've had and for the most part they have been enjoyable and I have liked working for the people I work for. I've written posts dedicated to thanking individual bosses for how great they are. I go on and on about how much I liked working with them to co-workers.
I think it's gotten to the point that if I start to talk about working with UAMC, or Raf, or the Browns, people have begun to roll their eyes and chant along with me how much I loved them and how I'd totally go back in a heartbeat if I could. :)

Funny story from this morning: I LOVE the family I nannied for in Salt Lake. They are the awesomest and coolest. It's a running joke betwixt Scott and myself that if I really want something, if I really think it's a cool item, it is because the Brown's had it. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right? so if they had a electric teapot from Williams Sanoma, then I must have the same kind. A sit on the stove and whistle, tea pot will never do! and I NEED to get this kind of oatmeal, because it's the kind that the Borwn's got, and my memory is that their oatmeal was better than any oatmeal I'd ever had. Scott conceded that they had fine taste, so he cannot argue with the 'but the Brown's had it' logic. So Oatmeal. simple right? I went out and bought the brand they had and it was still as divine as I remembered it being. Then a week or so ago I saw the same brand at Walmart (score!) and bought it again. But there was a slight difference, I bought the tin of oatmeal not the box. When I got to work I was dismayed to see I could not just stick it in the microwave or use the hot water form the coffee machine. NOR could I OPEN the thing. It was sealed like a paint can!! So today I decided to pull out the oatmeal and finally used it. I had Scott pry it open and (gasp) it was chopped oats! not rolled oats! but I figured that it would be just as good so I started to cook them up. And then I read the directions. (note to self, this is a dumb way to go about cooking!) The directions said to boil them until they got porridge-y and THEN simmer the oatmeal for 30(!!) minutes! How did I miss that!
About 20 minutes later the oatmeal was sticking to the bottom of the pot and I had to take it off. Scott liked it well enough,but I am thinking I'll go back and get the box kind... After all the Brown's had the box kind...

Last night Scott and I went to the closest movie theater around and saw Twilight. I had made tentative plans to see it as a double date with some friends and to see it with a group of girlfriends. But It was just a regular date night for me and my husband. I'm glad it was just us. Not that I didn't want to see it with everyone else, but it was so NICE to just go out the two of us and do something. We used to live glued to the hip and now we don't get to go out just the two of us much.
We got there just in time to get the remaining seats, which happened to be on the front row. Then the manager came in and said that the projector was having issues and we were being moved to another theater. All the kids jumped up and dashed for the exit.
I was amazed at the number of teeny-bopper boys there were. Not on dates, just there is groups. Scott reminded me that boys join Home Ec. for the same reason that they would come to this movie. ohh, yeah... I had totally forgotten about that! However I was amazed at these kids. When the manager came in they were back talking him, too softly for him to hear of course, but they were totally just spouting off phrases. They obviously had no idea what they were saying. They didn't even make sense! It was a sobering moment for me. Poor kids. I really think they had NO idea what they were saying.
In the new theater we had seats in the lower middle of the room, where all the handicapped spaces are. It was perfect. RIGHT in the middle, not too far front and no neighbors!
The movie was good, obviously not as good as the book, but I think they did a great job of making it a movie. Scott was moved by the music and was very quiet the rest of the night. He missed his sister.
I am actually just as happy about the timing of the movie release as anything else about it. The original release date was Megan's birthday, the one year and one day anniversary of her death. I wanted to be supportive of Scott's grief, but I also REALLY wanted to just go see the movie with out feeling guilty about enjoying myself. So the movie came out a week before my birthday, we saw it as my birthday present and there is no guilt! How awesome is that!?!

Yup, it's beena pretty good weekend so far!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

hairy, scary

it's my eyebrows... they are a mess. I'm actually amazed that people can look at me, sitting right next to me at church or work, and not wince or laugh or make a face.

Lucky for the world I have a plan! Linda Pham is an esticician form a spa that Scott managed a few years ago. She does the BEST eyebrow waxes ever. So I've told Scott that I want to get that done, soon. I'm thinking that a manicure or pedicure would be nice... but my eyebrows would make such a difference, I mihgt opt for just them.

Monday, November 17, 2008


Scott and I are getting a new (to us) car!

We actually already have it, but they guys are making it run, which is an important part of 'having' a car.

Cash had a Corvaire (sp?) that was gathering dust and gave it to us. The deal was that if we got the parts and got it running we could keep it. So we have. And Cash, Mike and Scott are putting it all together.

When it's running I'll use it to get back and forth to work and Scott will take Sheilah, our little red car, to do the trek to Frisco each day. This way he will be able to work close to full time at the chiropractors and, hopefully, make enough that I don't have to go back to work after Jaedyn Olivia is born!!


Sunday, Sunday

We had a really great Sunday this week...
It was ward conference and when we got home our Home Teachers came over and gave a really great lesson on prayer. It was from Elder Bednar's Conference talk. When the Home Teachers left, I pulled out the Ensign and read the talk. Then I was flipping through and found that most of the talks from ward conference were based on talks from General Conference. That might not be news to anyone else, but they were not announced as "this is my talk taken from Elder so-and-so's talk" and because we didn't sit down and watch all the sessions, some of the talks were new as I read them yesterday. It was pretty cool.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Happy holiday pictures...

I woke up after having a weird dream that involved having our picture taken and decided we should do a little photo shoot. So with the help of some household appliances (read the shower curtain and heat lamps from Scott's tools) I set up a studio this morning and we took pictures. They are FAR from perfect, but it was fun. ... and ... we can pass them off as our Holiday family picture thing.

And one from Halloween...

Thursday, October 30, 2008

I miss my boys

This Halloween our office is having kids come trick-or-treating through the office. It's totally something I'd want to invite Greyson and Aidan to.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

my eyes and my brain hurt... I must be doing too much computer work

But then again, my feet hurt too, so it might be pregnancy...

Here are some pictures. Baby stuff and feeding the ducks / turtles / fish.

We are sanding off the old dark stain from my rocking chair. Scott started working on it in the living room and this happened...
So I asked him to move outside. Yesterday when I got home for lunch I found Scott like this:
Out on the porch, in the cold, sanding the rocking chair for me! Thanks Bae'doll!

Here is a comparison shot of the wood tones. I love how the grain of the wood saturated with the stain and still is dark. It looks soo cool. I hope you can see it in the picture.
We went out and bought a bed for Jaedyn. We debated on the type of sleeping arrangement to get her, and a packNplay is the best choice for us right now. We're planning on using it until she moves to a bed. Inside is the first baby gift we've received. Our neighbors who have a 3 month old little girl of their own got us a Baby bijorn Carrier! They are awesome!

This is a closeup of the embroydery on the crib. It's not very lady bug... so i've started going to town with my new seam ripper. It will be lady bug soon enough!
Two Catfish in one frame!!

I threw some bread and this clever duck caught it on his back as a snack for later :)
Catfish maw, they come to the surface and open their mouth and SUCK the food from the surface before they dart back under the muddy water.
A cute turtle with a mouth full of bread. Yum!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

It was really cold when we woke up this morning. Scott had eggnog for breakfast... and a home made cinnamon roll...

I could not find warm clothes to wear. I only have one pare of pants, one pare of jean and one pare of size too small stretchy- show my fat rolls and garment lines- pants. I wore the size too small ones, but because they are too small, I have to wear them VERY low on my waist to they don't squish the baby. (If I didn't we'd have some Oriental feet wrapping thing going on before she is even born.)SO I had to wear a really long shirt to cover the parts of me that would be exposed. I could not find anything. I have shirts that are long enough... but they are also tight around all my squishy parts, you know, the parts that are squished out of my pants creating very unsightly bumps and bulges.

I ended up having an ugly girl dog day, and wore one of Scott's huge red fleece sweaters. It covered all bumps and bulges, including the baby and my butt!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Wish List

There is no REAL reason to put this together, other than I never know what to tell people what I want for gift giving occasions. Like Christmas, Hanukkah, baby showers or my birthday... All of which are coming up soon.

BOOKS:(this is actually our official gift registry at Barnes and Noble's... only they don't have a registry so I can't give you a link.)
I Can Read books
Bearnstein Bears
Caldecott books
Angellina Ballerina
Charlie and Lola
Dr. Seuss
Sweet Pickles books
Beatrix Potter (box set)
Baby Einstein Movies and CD's
Golden Books
What to Expect toddler / 1st year
CS Lewis (everything but Narnia, we already have that)
Girls Handbook by Miriam Peskowitz
Better Homes and Gardens Cookbook
Nursery Rymes illustrated my Margaret Evans Price

silicon bakeware (I want muffin tins, really)
Dyson Vacuum (our vacuum is old and does not work so well anymore)
Pots and pans - the kind you really can't ruin.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

"Dude, just play the gig...never get invoved in politics..."

That's a quote from the great "Muppet Treasure Island".
Right after the drummer guy says this, Monster says "Politics! Politics!"

Just thought you should know.

I have been noticing an increase in the number of politically minded blog posts lately. Perhaps that is because of the coming Presidential elections, but who am I to say...

Here are two of my favorite posts:

From my brother-in-law, Quinn Kuzmich

and from a guy in my grade and Sunday school class, Daniel Woolston (listen to the show, I think Daniel did a great job.. and that's not just because I know him...)

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

"Nesting" or cleaning... whatever...

There are updated 'fat-belly' pictures on the baby blog...

Two weekends ago we cleaned up the apartment. It's not perfect yet... there are still random things laying around but here are some pictures of our home. And some before and after pictures of our bedroom.

Walking into the apartment:

looking to the right:

Around the corner (it's not done yet... this is the baby's room):

Looking to the Left:

One of our projects, re-upholstering the rocking chair we got two years ago:

Scott working on removing the original backing :

The "old" bedroom:

The "new" Bedroom:

More "new" bedroom:

Beautiful bedroom: (lol,it's not done... something is still missing. However it is MUCH better now)

Monday, October 6, 2008

Girls Night!!

We had an impromptu "Anne of Green Gables" movie watching event during the Priesthood Session of Conference. It was tons of fun and we will be doing part two next time...

Monday, September 29, 2008

Tagged by the lovely Lisa

Tagged by the lovely Lisa.
Here are the rules:
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1. When I get really hungry, I sneeze. The bigger the sneeze, the more I am hungry. It's almost like making my appetite real. Sometimes I don't even realize that I am hungry until I sneeze then it's like "Wow, I'm REALLY HUNGRY!"

2. I'm almost ashamed to admit this one... but I've seen so many other people do it that I cannot be too ashamed... I check out my reflection in just about anything shiny. Everyone else gets to see what I look like and I am always curious. "Do I have something on my face?" "How is my posture?" "Does this slip work?!" and most importantly "Do I look fat in this dress?"

3. I like wasabi covered peas. But my all time favorite food is probably macaroni and cheese... or a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

4. I am very task oriented. And I zone into the project. Some co-workers have a hard time believing that I can get work done in an office space with no walls. I'm open to the whole office, but it really does not bother me. Plus it's very hard to sneak up on me when there are no walls.

5. So far I have better balance as a pregnant person. I can relevae and hold it better and go down the stairs faster... which is to say I can now go down the stairs at a normal pace. (Usually I have to hold tight to the hand rail and walk pretty slow) and all sorts of other minute differences I can't think of now. Also, the lower back pain that is usually a given if I stand up too long has not been back to bother me since I've been pregnant. Our chiropractor said it was the weight of the baby in front countering the lordosis (swayback). So there you have it.

6. I carry around two journals in my bags everyday. I have another in my church bag. And I have a Franklin Covey Day planner that I carry around all the time. Should you find me without something to write on it just might be the end of the world... But really I just like to have the option to write. I'd usually rather write it out than type it out.

Person 1. Scott
Person 2. Rhonda
Person 3. Janika
Person 4. Allison
Person 5. Michelle
Person 6. (shot in the dark) Quinn

Monday, September 22, 2008

Building things

This weekend we splurged on some wood and build ourselves a chest. HOW COOL IS OUR HUMP BACK CHEST?! It still needs to be stained (the same color as our bed) and put the hinges on, but it's pretty cool nonetheless. We also had a set of shelves, one of which broke as we tried to move it loaded with books (pretty smart, huh?). So we kept the shelves and I was tired of looking at them so I had Scott make a baby chest for the 'nursery'. You can see in the pictures the front mess.

I have been in a mood of nesting. Which pretty much translates into "throw everything away". So the piles of crap are actually waiting a turn at Goodwill and or the dumpster. The piles of wood are waiting a turn to high-tail it to the storage shed. We had the second of the set of shelves in our closet. It was a great shoe shelf. But now it is moved to the front room to be the baby book shelves. Aww. How cute. Now I just need baby books to put on the shelf. :)

Another project we started is my rocking chair. We grabbed a old fashioned rocking chair years ago and it's been waiting for me to get pregnant so it can come inside. Now it needs to be re upholstered. We bought ladybug fabric and have padding and everything. Now I just need to see which of my TWO sewing machines works. They are in the crap pile currently... we will have to see which one makes the final cut.